The History of the Porsche Crest

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The History of the Porsche Crest

A company’s logo represents the entire embodiment of the brand and its history. It illustrates the brand’s roots without compromising on displaying the quality and dynamics of its products. A strong logo will immediately resonate with people as soon as it’s presented. The Porsche Crest logo is a feat of elegant design that is globally recognized. Since its inception, the Porsche Crest logo has become one of the most famous trademarks in the world.  The Porsche logo, like most company insignia’s, has a storied history. Here at Porsche Englewood, we know the history of the Porsche crest and we represent it with pride. Do you know the origin story of the Porsche logo? Continue reading to learn how the gold, black, and red crest with the prancing horse was created before it became world famous!


Designing the Porsche Crest Logo

The Porsche logo was actually featured on the first Porsche brand vehicle in 1948, but it wasn’t the crest we know today. Porsche held a German art competition with a cash prize in March of 1951 with the hope of using the winning entry as the Porsche logo. Unfortunately, none of the designs were selected by Porsche management. Towards the end of the year, Porsche began working internally on an official logo.

In 1952, Franz Xaver Reimspieß designed a new fantasy crest for Porsche. He was the same designer who had created the Volkswagen logo in 1936. The Porsche crest features a prancing horse, which was taken from the Stuttgart city seal, the home of the company. The red and black colors that surround the horse and Stuttgart name, are adorned with stylized antlers, which were taken from the crest of Württemberg-Hohenzollern. The brand name Porsche was added atop the crest in a protective style arch over the entire design.

History of the Porsche Logo

The Debut of the Porsche Crest

This design was registered with the German Patent Office and was first made its debut when it was placed on the horn button towards the end of 1952. Moving forward, the Porsche crest emblem was incorporated more frequently, starting with the Porsche 356 Roadster that featured the crest on the vehicle’s characteristic bonnet handle in 1954. After, Zuffenhausen sports cars had their hubcaps adorned with the logo in 1959. Since 1959, the Porsche Crest has also been featured on the bonnet of every Porsche Vehicle. The Porsche crest logo has now become one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

First Porsche Crest on Vehicle Bonnet

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