The 25th Anniversary of the Porsche Boxster

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the 25th anniversary of the porsche boxter

In 1996, Porsche introduced the Porsche Boxster. The Porsche Boxster is one of Porsche’s most popular, most recognizable models along with the Porsche 911 Carrera. This mid-engine, two-seater roadster rekindled customer’s love for Porsche and rescued the Company from disaster. The sleek, racing lines, the engine performance, and the lower price point of the Boxster appealed to more buyers. Twenty-five years later, this sports car remains one of Porsche’s biggest success stories. The story behind the Boxster’s creation is proof of the innovation and creativity that Porsche, and we here at Porsche Englewood, are proud to represent. Continue reading to learn more about the origin of the Porsche Boxster and how it ended up being Porsche’s saving grace.

A Declining Market

The early 1990’s were a challenging time for Porsche AG., like many other automakers. Sales were declining, the US dollar was falling, and production costs were rising. Large car manufacturers were launching takeover attempts and buying up struggling competitors. At the time, Porsche ran four very independent production lines for each model – the 911, 944, 968, and 928. Economies of scale in this production environment were non-existent. Rising production costs were not keeping pace with sales. The four-door model of the 989 was not attracting buyers, especially the younger market segment that wanted an agile, racing sports car.  The future of the Company looked grim. Porsche had to do something to spark a change. That change came in the form of a two-seater, mid-engine sports car – the Porsche Boxster.

25th anniversary of the porsche boxster

A Cost-Driven Solution

In 1991, a new generation of management led by Horst Marchart, Wendelin Weideking, and Dieter Laxy understood that Porsche needed more than a splashy new sports car to turn around the Company’s fortunes. Costs would have to be reduced across all parts of the company. By using the carry-over part (COP) principle, which called for the sharing of existing components on different models, inventory and production costs could be reduced. The first generation of the Boxster and the 996 generation 911 shared front ends, doors, and numerous other components, while each maintained a unique and iconic look.

With the Boxster design using the existing 911 production line and components to create a fresh look at a lower price point, Porsche was able to attract a younger customer group with a high-performance “entry-level” Porsche model. These creative, innovative changes led by Marchart, Weideking, and Laxy resulted in significantly lower production and inventory costs for both product lines that ultimately helped set the Company back on the road to financial strength. Fast forward 25 years and the Porsche Boxster still holds a very unique spot in the Porsche model lineup.

porsche boxster 25th anniversary

Buying a Porsche Boxster at Porsche Englewood

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