Introducing the New, Redesigned Porsche Crest

June 23rd, 2023 by

Porsche Crest Through The Years

A rising horse, stylized antlers, a honeycomb structure, a sublime blend of gold, black and red, and, of course, the PORSCHE lettering; these elements have defined and represented the Porsche trademark since 1952. After a series of updates, the German sports car manufacturer has released a new modernized crest that cements Porsche’s character while highlighting its roots. It will be integrated into the 2023 model-year Porsche vehicles.

The newly released Porsche crest distinguishes itself from its immediate predecessor in several aspects. The logo now features a brushed precious metal, a revised crest pony, a 3D honeycomb structure, and a more subtle gold color. But before we delve deeper into the meticulous design process that went into the creation of the refined crest, let’s discuss the history of the Porsche badge to better appreciate the modernized version. Continue reading to learn more!

A Brief History of the Porsche Crest Logo

The Porsche logo is an achievement of an elegant design recognized globally. It embodies the brand’s roots and history without compromising the automaker’s display of quality and dynamics of its products. Porsche AG is headquartered in Stuttgart, which means “stud garden” due to the city’s history and love for horse breeding. Therefore, the prancing horse and the “STUTTGART” lettering on the logo represent the company’s deep pride in its hometown.

The Porsche logo was originally used on the first Porsche vehicle in 1948, but it wasn’t the crest we know today. In 1951, Porsche partnered with Stuttgart doctor and art collector Ottomar Domnick to launch a competition at German art academies to search for a company trademark logo. However, none of the designs submitted impressed Porsche management. It was in early 1952 that Franz Xaver sketched the original Porsche crest, which ticked all the boxes of what the company’s management had in mind.

The black and red colors surrounding the rising horse and the Stuttgart lettering are embellished with stylized antlers derived from the crest of Wurttemberg-Hohenzollern. The brand name “PORSCHE” was added at the top of the logo in an aesthetically ambitious arc over the entire design.

Newly Designed Porsche Crest

The Porsche Crest Makes Its Market Debut

Porsche patented its trademark logo with the German Patent Office in 1952 (DE657728) and made its market debut when the company placed it on the horn button later the same year. In 1952, the crest was put on the Porsche 356 Roadster, this time on the car’s characteristic bonnet handle. Afterwards, the car manufacturer placed the logo on the Zuffenhausen sports cars’ hubcaps in 1959. Since then, the Porsche crest has been a mainstay on the bonnet of every Porsche car and is now one of the globally recognized logos.

Porsche Newly Designed Crest

A New Awakening of Stuttgart’s Prancing Horse: The Design Process that Went into the New Porsche Crest

The award-winning sports car manufacturer couldn’t have reworked its trademark at a better time – the company’s 75th Anniversary, which it celebrated on June 8, 2023. The revised edition reinterprets the historical characteristics and combines them with innovative design elements, such as a 3D honeycomb structure, brushed precious metal, a refreshed prancing pony, and a more subtle gold color. Despite these changes, the Porsche crest is still easily recognizable.

The modernized Porsche Crest logo is an achievement, considering it took a three-year design process, which the designers of Porsche Style executed with an acute eye for details. According to Joachim Paetzel, Style Porsche’s Color and Trim specialist, “Taking the term to execute a maturing process like this is crucial because a trademark isn’t designed “off the cuff” within a few days. You have to review it again and again, because the second or third review may reveal elements that need optimization until you achieve a harmonious, natural effect.”

Porsche Crest Design Team

The recreation of the logo followed a meticulously and creatively executed process because the designers had to match the 2D and 3D versions precisely. That’s important because the trademark must clearly and effectively communicate the brand identity at the point of sale, whether you viewed in its physical form on the bonnet or in a Porsche car’s interior.

Porsche plans to use the new crest in a more targeted fashion to underline the emotional highlights. Meanwhile, the “Porsche” lettering will take on even greater significance, as it comes on the occasion of Porsche AG’s 75th sports car anniversary shows in June 2023. However, Porsche fans can expect to see the modernized crest on vehicles at the end of 2023.

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